Tax Planning and Management Services

Chartered Accountant South Kolkata

In these days of complex taxation system in our country, it is very essential for every individual and business entity to plan for tax in a prudent manner and manage the same with same attention. This will help them in them in the process of wealth generation. We as an expert in this field provide strategies to our clients to achieve their goals in this regard. However, tax planning and tax management are two different aspects. The basics of this two is as follows-

our tax planning-

  • The Objective of Tax Planning is to minimize the tax liability.
  • Tax Planning also includes Tax Management.
  • Tax Planning relates to future.
  • Tax Planning helps in minimizing Tax Liability in short term and in long term.

Our team of professionals has expertise in planning for taxation of individual and businesses in order to minimize their tax liability as much as possible within the framework of income tax rules and norms.

our Tax Management-

  • The objective of Tax Management is to comply with the provisions of Income Tax Law and its allied rules.
  • Tax Management deals with filing of Return in time, getting the accounts audited, deducting tax at source etc.
  • Tax Management relates to Past, Present and Future as well.
  • Tax Management helps in respect of avoiding payment of interest, penalty etc.
  • Our team of professionals has expertise in this regard and shown their capability in managing taxation system of individual and businesses in order to help them operating in a smooth manner.